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So, Forge World has been writing a series of rule sets for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K tabletop game, all based on the settings of the very popular “Horus Heresy” book series.  In addition to rules, Forge World has also been releasing very impressive miniatures of the various Primarchs from the “Horus Heresy”— pricey, but they look stunning in photo form.

Don’t mind me, just nerding out over here~

Nice to see all the Primarch models in one photo set.

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Otherworldly artwork by Bastien Grivet.

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And before Great Horus was dead and gone, as he fought with the Anathema, did Kor Phaeron and Erebus catch on, and decided to get the fuck out before they got lynched.

And lo did they jump into their 1974 Dodge Monaco, while under fire by thousands of Rogal Dorn’s weapons. And Kor Phaeron got behind the wheel, and he spake. “It’s a 106 million light years to the Eye of Terror, we got a full tank of promethium, half a stick of incense, it’s the void, and we’re in an M2 car.”

And Erebus nodded. “Hit it.”

Epistle 358475239052 of Lorgar (Chicken Run: After the Siege)

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Title: Dead Or Alive Artist: Dale Crover 160 plays


Dale Crover - Dead Or Alive

B-side from the United Fruit 7” (the A-side is on youtube). This is a cover of a Warren Zevon song.
Vinyl rip. I cleaned up the pops, crackle and noise in Izotope RX4 and it turned out really nice.

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Grudge Keeper || Ryan Barger

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